Bonsai For Beginners

Plantando naranjo bonsai ¿Zero?

Junipers in particular are extremely sensitive to their dormancy period and should not be kept indoors. There is a lot of things you need to remember when caring for bonsai. There are certain times of years that some trees requiring pruning or need a new pot, and other times of year where it is safe to wire them. 

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you tend to a juniper bonsai. First and foremost, this type of bonsai is not an indoor plant. It belongs outdoors, where it can go into a proper state of dormancy. By tending to a juniper indoors, it is unlikely to get the light it needs for survival, nor the harsher conditions it needs to thrive. 

The primary one is knowing how much to water your tree. Because bonsai grow in such small pots, the trees need to be watered in a very specific fashion. Over or under watering the tree is a death sentence for a bonsai. Under watering the tree causes the tree to wilt, wither, then die. Over watering causes a condition known as root rot, which is responsible for the destruction of the root system. 

As the dwarf plants require more care than their larger counterparts, improper care can result in the shortened life span of your plant, or leaf sizes too large for your bonsai design. If your leaves or nodes grow in too large, you will not be able to correct this until the next growing season. Japanese maple bonsai can live for hundreds of years with the proper care. 

Vital Tools to Care for Your Bonsai There are many bonsai tools that are used when designing and caring for your bonsai trees. These tools are vital to encourage the good health of your tree, and should be used as frequently as needed to prune any dead or dying branches, care for the roots, and maintain the soil for your tree. 

Wires should be placed at a 45 degree angle to the branch when wrapping, and the wires should be spaced evenly. Proper spacing and angles of the wires will allow the tree to modify its growing patter, and help in the design of your bonsai. There are some supplies that you will need when growing bonsai.