Bonsai For Beginners

How To Bonsai - Make a Bonsai Tree

For the novice, selecting which tools you need can be difficult. There are many basic bonsai tools used to care for a tree, and these are typically sold as beginner sets. The four basic tools include a bonsai shear/scissor, a broom, a rake and tweezers. Typically, the highest quality tools for bonsai care are from Japan, where there are companies dedicated to the building of these tools. 

Some species of trees have delicate branches, making them unsuitable for wiring. Other trees do not handle the use of deadwood well, developing fatal cases of rot when this technique is used on them. Learn about bonsai care before you use any technique on a tree, as this will prevent a costly mistake killing your prized plant. 

If you prune the wrong branches, you can negatively impact the growth of your plant. As the dwarf plants require more care than their larger counterparts, improper care can result in the shortened life span of your plant, or leaf sizes too large for your bonsai design. If your leaves or nodes grow in too large, you will not be able to correct this until the next growing season. 

This will ensure that the bonsai plant can go into dormancy when it is required. Dormancy is a stage where the plant goes into hibernation and recovers from any damage done to it during the growing seasons. This stage is vital for the survival of a bonsai plant, and many plants will die after several months if they cannot go into dormancy. 

If you are adventurous, or have owned a bonsai tree previously, you can choose to acquire a young seedling and sculpt your bonsai tree yourself. If you are planning to sculpt your own bonsai tree, there are several things that you will want to remember. First, sculpting a bonsai tree takes years. Many of the trees that can be purchased are somewhere between seven to fifteen years old, gradually sculpted until the bonsai tree has taken the shape that the artist wants. 

Unlike large trees, bonsais grow in small pots, and any amount of weeds or grass can strip the tree of the nutrients it needs for survival. Because of this, the tweezers are vital for the complete removal of damaging weeds. As the bonsais are typically small, tweezers are the only tool realistic for use as weed and grass removers.